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Bespoke Software Development

We specialize in developing customized software solutions aimed at enhancing operational processes and driving revenue growth. Our services include assembling proficient teams comprised of seasoned professionals, dedicated to assisting VC-backed startups, SMEs, and large enterprises in the successful creation of scalable products that garner user satisfaction.

bespoke databases

Mobile App Development

We innovate by crafting mobile applications for Android, iOS, and Windows platforms that yield tangible business outcomes. Whether you're starting with a mere idea, we are here to bring it to fruition, turning your dreams into a reality.

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Business Application Development

bespoke business applications
bespoke business apps

Bespoke CRM Systems

Bespoke CRM Development - Attain your customer engagement goals through a personalized and scalable CRM system, eliminating the need for individual licenses for each new user.

data 360 solutions
open source client portal software

Customer Portal Software

Improve your customer relationships by offering a customer portal that provides quick, secure access to projects, calendars, and the option for self-service.

software development for startups
white label software development

Web Application

Our expertise lies in the development of productive, engaging, and secure web applications, ensuring cross-browser compatibility and responsive design.

customer portal software
operational systems

Bespoke Databases

Our specialization involves the design and development of customized Microsoft SQL Server databases, aimed at enhancing business efficiency, facilitating the observation of operational trends, and supporting the scalability of your business.

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Mobile App Development

As a UK-based app development agency, we transform your customers into enthusiastic fans. A well-crafted mobile strategy enables you to acquire new customers, enhance brand experience, and generate revenue through effective sales and promotions.


‘Simple Solutions Engineered For Extreme’

Geecon is a premiere organization with excellence in Technology, business and management Consultancy.

Professional Services

bespoke business apps

Agile & DevOps

Geecon Agile & DevOps Services embrace a Design Thinking-led approach to enterprise agility, aiding clients.…

data 360 solutions

App Development & Maintenance

We will provide ongoing support and maintenance for your software throughout its lifecycle, even if we were not the ones who built it

open source client portal software

API Economy & Microservices

Our API Economy creates a highly connected digital ecosystem for your business, fostering hyper-connectivity.…

software development for startups

Cloud Services

Our Cloud practice revolutionizes applications, business processes, and infrastructure management, bringing about transformational change.…

white label software development

Digital Process Automation

Geecon Digital Process Automation integrates BPM, RPA, and AI to revolutionize business processes and drive transformation.…

customer portal software

Mainframe Modernization

The modernization of mainframes, housing years of accumulated data, involves the development of intelligent systems and the implementation of automated processes.…

operational systems

Open Source Development & Migration

Geecon assists enterprises in envisioning a new IT landscape through the use of open source. We collaborate with you to plan, embrace, and oversee the adoption of open source technologies.…

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Enterprise Services Bus

We offer expertise and support for both small and large organizations to develop applications that facilitate business growth.…

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Software Development for Startups

Launching a new startup or venture? Allow us to assist you with the most challenging aspect of starting a business: development…


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Information Technology
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Non Profit / Association
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Retail & Supply Chain