Software development Company in London

Why Us

The ultimate tiebreaker

We deliver consistency of performance. While it’s great to hear “superstar” stories about our employees that go above and beyond for a customer, the most powerful tiebreaker in today’s marketplace for us is consistency. Our customers realises& knows that no matter who they deal with in our company, they will receive the same level of great service every single time, that’s the most powerful differentiator for us.

Solve problems on the spot

We empower our employees to make it happen. We understand that nothing is more frustrating to customers than hearing the words “I’ll have to ask my manager” or “I’m sorry, but our policy is . . .” We have trained our employees to resolve customer problems fairly, amicably, and, whenever possible, on the spot. Effective problem resolution wins us customers for life.

Be Relevant

We always take a “big picture” approach while serving your customer. We keep looking beyond the immediate needs of our customers to a bigger picture view of how we can help them succeed, make their lives easier, or create new opportunities for them. One company that sells pipe to building contractors invites its best customers to annual seminars on business development. A restaurant offers free baby food to customers with infants, making life easier for the family. We look beyond our core product or service and explore how a “big picture” approach can be our ultimate tiebreaker.

Demonstrate value

We offer competitive price and clear value. We believe in keeping things clear, concise and transparent, we do not say something to win the project and drag the project, solution and business by deviating from our initial false commitment used to win the project. We have demonstrated to our existing business relations that we’re a great deal. That’s the essence of value. We never take our customer for granted. We spell it out for our customers & educate them.

We allow the customer to choose

We Offer more selection and customization. Today’s customers want exactly what they want, exactly how they want it. Whether it’s the music mix on their iPod or their no fat, no whip, double shot, extra hot latte with a shot of vanilla at the coffee shop, everyone wants it their way, Hence we let our customers decide and give them what they want through agile methodology, not what a traditional company wants to give them.

Easiest to do business with

The number one factor with business to business customers is that we are the no hassle choice. We are continuously looking at every aspect of how we interface with customers and correct anything that might make us the least bit difficult to do business with. Our invoices are clear and easily understood. We empower employees to say “yes” to customers without always having to get approval from a manager. Our motto is “Be easy and win business”.

Quick response and always in time

Over the period of time we have become known for returning customer’s calls within committed time. We guarantee the delivery deadlines and always doing it in one of the fastest response time as compared to industry of a service call, responding to emails with lightning speed. We are known for a quick response in our customer community and always being on time is one of our powerful differentiator.


Helping customers by providing the world’s most simplified best quality solutions & delivering value that enable businesses to achieve their full potential in a cost effective and timely fashion.

    • Help Achieving Full Potential
    • Simplified Quality Solutions
    • Cost Effective Approach
    • Timed Delivery


To be globally respected premium world-class corporation providing premium Consultancy & IT solutions delivered by excellent-in-class people.


  • World Class Corporation
  • Globally Respected Corporation
  • Premium Consultancy & Solutions
  • Excellent In-Class-People
Core Values


We agree to include and inform everyone affected by a project or a decision.

Acknowledgement & Appreciation

We regularly acknowledge and appreciate our fellow employees, our customers, vendors, partners and ourselves for contribution made in support of Geecon’s vision and pursuits of excellence.

Sound Decision Making

We make decisions, we L.I.K.E. Our decisions are based on Logic, Intuition,Knowledge and Experience


In support of collaborations with goals and objectives, the discipline of Geecon lies in Elucidating, refining, accomplishing, delineating and completing all activities.

Constant Improvement

  • Persistent and ceaseless improvement – to ensure quality and productivity across allareas in the company
  • Seeking knowledge and understanding, then applying it to ourselves, our customers,processes and products

Full Self Expression

  • Respectful communication of creativity, ideas and concerns
  • Freedom to express ideas, concerns and possibilities


  • Honest & committed internal/external relationship
  • Honoring and respecting others point of views and feelings
  • Doing what’s right for us and for our customers


All in one

There is no need for our customers to travel for a complete IT package they are searching for. We provide one stop solution consulting for IT and Creative services.

We keep it between us

We ensure secrecy and integrity of your data and processes so that the world appreciated your uniqueness.

Speech from technology

Technology speaks as we focus on it the most. We provide a complete package of media and technology related solution from ideation to brand conceptualization to marketing toolkit design, software development and retail / market front.

Experience Speaks

We have a dynamic team of expert and experienced professionals who are dedicated and passionate about their work. This results in punctual and efficient results.

For the limelight

Creative designing is in the nerves of Geecon. We innovatively provide a fusion of creative designing and hardcore time-tested technology.