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Geecon is a Technology Driven company with a mission of "Developing and implementing new technology to contribute towards rapid growth of various products". Harness the power of web, virtualisation and big data with our comprehensive IT management and advanced analytics offerings.

Global HR

Complete HR Solution

"Make HR Process Quick, Easy and Simple."

"HR software for companies where people matter."

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Powerful But Simple.

We strive to make our customers happy. As a team we have a long track record of delivering successful HR solutions on an international basis.


Video Conferencing Tool

"Online meetings made easy with simplified video conferencing."

"Transform your interactions into effective collaboration with live Facewebinar video."

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Web Based Meetings.

Facewebinar is a free video conferencing tool to setup simple online meetings using web based platform. Screen sharing, online meetings and team collaboration are all fast and quick.

Gift Aid Claims

Online Gift Aid Submission

"Manage your Gift Aid online."

"Easy to use Gift Aid solutions and supporting services for Charities."

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Gift Aid Management.

Our commitment to delivering high quality, flexible and reliable solutions remains at the forefront of our business ethos.Make your donation go further with our solution.

Invoice Made Simple

Invoicing Solution

"Managing your Invoice Online."

"Simple and Powerful online invoicing for your Business."

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Get Paid Faster.

Stop Stuffing. Be Professinal. As a team we have a long track record of delivering successful Invoicing solutions on an international basis.

CRM 360

Customer Relationship Management

"With its enormous flexibility, its functions and modules, CRM 360 is especially suitable for the use in critical environments of your enterprise."

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Manage your Customers.

Lead Management, Sales Force Automation, Activity Management, and Customer Service are at the core of CRM 360. However, there are plenty of other features that extend this core.


Reporting and Analysis Tool

"CUBOT is a robust business intelligence platform. It is a comprehensive business intelligence platform which comes with an inbuilt ETL tool, reporting tool and analytics."

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Reporting and Analysis Tool

CUBOT works best in the hands of people who actually use the information it delivers. The simple user interface keeps you up and running on your own, though help is just a step away.

Business SMS World

Mobile Marketing Service

"The fastest and most cost effective mobile marketing service."

"It is an innovative & inspiring mobile solution built on mobiity-e platform."

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Bulk SMS Solution.

BussinessSMS is one among the leaders in providing effective, efficient and responsive bulk messaging solutions including two-way SMS integration for wireless communication.

My Projects

Project Management Tool

"Managing projects isn't easy, which is why you need the best technology. to manages your projects against budgets, scheduled & resources in real time."

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Manage Projects Online

My Projects is a collaboration tool that organizes your projects into boards. In one glance, My Projects tells you what is being worked on, whos working on what, and where something is in a process.

CMS Avatar

Build CMS Website

"Fast, lightweight core capable of powering multiple sites and handle millions of hits per day. Control where images and files are stored and who has access to given folders."

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CMS Website Tool.

Create, manage, and deploy unlimited pages and Links. You can control your information as and when you need. Change your website when you want.

Online Directory

Listing Based Portal

"We are India's online portal providing an opportunity to have real time access to relevant information regarding various Industries."

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Listing Based Portals.

The best way to experience the reach and benefits of the portal in accelerating your business would be for you to get registered with our site. Please treat this as a personal invitation to do so.


Docs Anytime Anywhere

"SyncMyDocs provides the ability to utilize cloud technologies while retaining that precious right we call privacy."

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Document Management System.

SyncMyDocs provides unparalleled flexibility, unified visibility and centralized control over file services to optimize collaboration with people both inside and outside the organization.