Change Management

We provide direction, guidance and innovative services to support and enable the successful execution of change management to turn your vision and objectives for major strategic initiatives into operational reality.

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Geecon offer a unique combination of change readiness assessments, programme management and transformation support intervention processes which makes us a versatile strategic partner in the delivery of your business and operational change.

Our experience in change delivery management spans both private and public sectors over many years. The result is an experiential knowledge base that we can mine as required – to empower and enable you in the design, planning and management of transformative change.

Change Management Benefits

Our consultants support our clients at all stages of their change initiatives:

  • INITIATE – Establishing the reason for change and generating a sense of urgency whilst creating a guiding coalition to drive the change. 
  • MOBILISE – Developing the vision and the strategy, designing the organisation and/or operating model during and after the change. Communicating purpose and direction tirelessly and engaging with stakeholders. Assessing the organisation’s readiness for change and planning action accordingly alongside workstreams and projects whilst providing leadership and direction. 
  • IMPLEMENT – Changing systems and structures that will undermine the vision and continuing to communicate tirelessly with stakeholders whilst empowering individuals and teams to act. We encourage clients to publicise and reward quick wins to ensure leverage for longer term gains and fine tune the implementation of the new operating model/organisation structure and ways of working. 
  • ANCHOR – Ensuring support for the change continues over time until it is embedded and becomes the way of working. Promoting, reinforcing and rewarding success linked to the vision ensures the benefits are measured and managed and therefore realised. Supporting the development of a culture of continuous improvement. 

Change Management

As part of our service based approach to IT Services Management we recognise the importance of managing change and its impact within our clients’ organisation. We have a team of project/programme managers that are able to facilitate and support that change as part of a PCMS project or as stand alone. As IT is so often a key enabler for business change, we have a dedicated team that offer Change Management to our clients for IT and Business change project and programmes. PCMS has developed a flexible but structured approach based around a common gated process, regular customer meetings, documented reporting and actions that helps keep work on track. Our approach also includes regular validation of the scope and business case, constant updating of the plan, and good management of delivery teams.

Change Management delivers IT or business change to ensure:

  • Projects are delivered on time and within budget
  • Deliveries are aligned with business needs
  • Risks are recognised and effectively managed or mitigated
  • Resources are effectively scheduled and used efficiently