Business Automation

To effectively manage your business, sales, finance and service teams need to be on the same page. Many forward thinking professional services firms are leaning to cloud platforms to seamlessly run their entire business. Eliminate departmental barriers by putting them on a single cloud, using the same data and getting a transparent view of customers and projects – with Geecon

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Business automation

Geecon stands as the forefront Salesforce native cloud PSA application today. By utilizing data from your current CRM and eliminating the necessity to uphold multiple systems of record, Geecon presents a highly efficient, error-free, and cost-effective solution.

Why choose Geecon?

  • Perfect business software platform for sales and service oriented companies seeking to grow efficiently and profitably
  • Unique and powerful financial system and the perfect complement to Sales Cloud
  • Bridges the finance, sales and services gap, and gets everyone on the same page
  • Leverages Chatter - a social networking tool, to initiate valuable real-time collaboration around customer issues
  • Being delivered from Platform, users can share a common language, common processes and a common data set

Business Management Services


Geecon Enterprises helps our clients deal with the practical aspects of running their business.

Managing all the challenges a company faces can be challenging for business owners, especially those of smaller companies with limited management structures.

We assist our clients in defining priorities and plans, ensuring they stay on course to achieve their top-priority objectives. Our role varies, sometimes involving advisory services, and at other times, we outsource critical services as necessary.

The following is a list of such business management areas:

  1. Project management
  2. Annual and quarterly goal setting
  3. Time management
  4. Task management and delegation
  5. Financial reporting and analysis
  6. Key performance indicators
  7. Cash management
  8. Exit strategies
  9. Succession strategies
  10. Preparing a company for sale
  11. Buying other companies
  12. Buying versus leasing
  13. Risk management
  14. Employee management